Hey Fellow Candle Lover!

Thank you for stopping by this moody side of the internet. I'm Yemmie, the the creator and owner of Moods, by Yemmie

 Owner of "moods by Yemmie"

I started this brand in the middle of quarantine, after half-panicking when I ran out of candles (indoors 24hrs/ day without candles ?!?! 😱). I watched a lot of YouTube videos, joined an online candle community, made a lot of stinkers (hahah - not all candles are good candles)... and then finally got it right!

I launched in  August 2020 with the Classic Collection - 4 candles with very different scent profiles, aimed at giving folks a wide selection of scents (i.e. moods) to enjoy.


Since launching, I've done tons of local Brooklyn popups, had multiple Limited Edition collections and even gotten into a few stores 🎉

The brand has been featured in:

  • New York Magazine
  • Well + Good
  • Complex Magazine
  • The Strategist 
  • ... and other publications

But enough about me - I want you to be able to take your time, to enjoy the #moods, and to shop a little.

-Xoxo, Yemmie 💋

P.S. When I'm not making candles - I love spending time outdoors, sipping wine with friends, and reading.