Hey Fellow Candle Lover!

Thank you for stopping by this moody side of the internet. 

A black woman wearing jeans and sitting on the floor next to handmade toxin free candles

I'm Yemmie, the the creator and owner of Moods, by Yemmie. 

I started this brand in the middle of quarantine, after half-panicking when I ran out of candles (indoors 24hrs/ day without candles ?!?! 😱). I watched a lot of YouTube videos, joined an online candle community, made a lot of stinkers (hahah - not all candles are good candles)... and then finally got it right!

Then I launched "Moods, by Yemmie" in August 2020 with the Classic Collection - 4 candles with very different scent profiles, aimed at giving folks a wide selection of scents (i.e. moods) to enjoy. My goal is to have each collection take you on an olfactory journey - to give you a unique blend and selection of scent to enjoy, explore and connect too.

Since launching, I've done tons of local Brooklyn popups, had multiple Limited Edition collections and even gotten into a few stores 🎉

The brand has been featured in:
     - New York Magazine
     - Well + Good
     - Complex Magazine
     - The Strategist
     -... and other publications

But enough about me, I want you to be able to take your time, to enjoy the #moods, and to shop a little.

P.S. When I'm not making candles, I love spending time outdoors, sipping wine with friends, and reading. 

Four black handmade wooden wick candles on a credenza with a wick trimmer