How to safely use massage-oil candles

Newly launched, our massage oil candles feature a skin softening, natural, wax blend that can be poured onto the skin and used for massages. These candles help you set the mood with their scent and the opportunities they create. Will you enjoy a personal massage, or enjoy these candles with a BAE?

1. Light your candle

Our massage oil candles feature the same great scents that gotten us recognized by places like NY-Mag, so the first step is to light your wooden-wick candle.

The crackling wooden-wick will provide a cozy crackling wooden place feel.

2. Relax & Enjoy the for ~15 min

Enjoy the scent and crackling sounds of your candle as you set the mood - play some soothing music, enjoy a glass of wine, whatever helps you set the mood.

Wait for at least 15mins so that your candle has a full melt pool of wax.

3. Carefully Pour Wax onto Skin & Massage

Carefully blow out/ extinguish the candle flame and let the candle wax cool for a few seconds.

Let the candle wax cool for a few seconds, and gently pour the wax onto your skin or your partner's skin.

Massage the skin softening wax into the skin & enjoy *Note be careful with the hot wax and do not use candles if you're allergic to the ingredients in the candle.

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